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Join our pioneer programme for weekend foster carers in London

We help you to inspire children and build meaningful relationships.

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Whether you're a busy barrister, a multitasking manager, a retired radiologist or a shaky skateboarder

Become a Weekender

Weekend fostering

As a Weekender you will usually spend one weekend per month with a child or a young person in care to help them achieve their goals, try new things and have fun!

Step 1:

Check suitability

If you’re motivated to make a difference, want to support children and have a spare room then you could be a great Weekender.

Step 2:

Get trained

We need to make sure you are well prepared and have all the skills you need to foster. The training and assessment will help you start confidently.

Step 3:

Get matched

As part of your fostering approval, we’ll work with you and our partner local authorities to match you with a child or a young person.

Step 4:

Have fun

You’ll get an allowance to do exciting things – e.g. going to the park for ice cream, enjoying a show or going swimming.

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Fostering stories

Hear about people's experiences

Laurie Kilby

"We are able to plan fostering around our life and work"

Sir John Timpson

"I can't believe so many people haven't had the joy of fostering"

Sara Fernandez

"Hands down, it's been the best thing I've done over the past decade"

Ali & Tim

"We needed to be part of the solution"

Martin & Lorna

"Never hold back from demanding the very best for the child in your care"
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Why foster?


the shortage of foster care families by 2026. The need for foster carers has never been greater

More than

1 in 3

siblings are separated in foster care. The main reason: not enough bedrooms



of care experienced young people enter higher education, compared to 45% of their peers

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